Become Extraordinary with B.Extra

My name is Nadine, 43 years old and I am the owner of CrossFit RFL which I started in 2014. In addition, I am the mother of two boys, wife of Alwin and owner of the best two doggo's in town. In addition to sports, I have an enormous love for nature, clothing, fashion and everything that goes with it. Because my life mainly revolves around the CrossFit box, my wardrobe mainly consists of sports clothing.

I bought my clothes from all over the world. There is a disadvantage to this; waiting a long time for your order, costly returns and additional import duties make a shorts or sports bra very expensive. That could be done differently, I thought, and I started to develop the ideal short.


It took three years before I got hold of the shorts that I was completely satisfied with. The comfort, the portability, the fit, the soft feel, everything had to be right and I think it finally worked. The shorts have been tested by athletes in our own CrossFit box. And if they are suitable for CrossFit then they are suitable for all sports!

This is just the beginning because the following models of shorts and leggings are already on the pile.